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Jennifer McDonald
Fox Chase
Friday, Aug 12
This is the only place I will buy meats and chicken, and your bacon is to die for. Plus the crabcakes are the best around..no wonder they go so fast!! And when I get something I'm not sure how to cook, you guys always tell me exactly what to do so it comes out delicious!

Astrid Fallas
Somerton, PA
Thursday, Aug 4
Love stopping in and finding all the wonderful foods from my childhood. The smells bring back so many memories. I never leave with out a bag full of goodies.

Ingrid and Thomas
Chestnut Hill
Thursday, Jun 2
The best sausages, wurst, smoked kassler. Leberkase is the best. Great homemade salads....and where do they find those great pretzels and real Broetchen....we have been looking everywhere....Even the people working there are so helpful....the only regret is that my waistline has been expanding...

Richad and Carmen
North Wales, PA
Thursday, Jun 2
Simply the best LeberKase East of Germany....The liverwurst, Wieners, actually I think they have the best Wurst anywhere....Always a pleasure

Tuesday, May 31
Dear Rieker's family,
Thank you very much for your wonderful products. We are happily buying them for the last 7 years. And not just us. Every time we are planning to visit our friends in New York we have to buy for them your famous German hamburgers and Muenchner Bratwursts (between 20 and 30 pieces of each).
Thank you very much again for the wonderful job you are doing. We hope to come to your lovely store for many, mant years to come.
sincerely yours, Boris & Olga Kanevsky

Jennifer Sipe
Friday, May 20
I just picked up a selection of wursts for dinner an hour ago...but they didnt last that long. My husband cooked a few of them up already! Very good quality meat with a wonderful flavor. Thank you for the wonderful products.

Denise McCrory
Philadelphia Pa
Sunday, May 8
Rieker's is at the top of my favorite places to shop for my family. I discovered them in my search for a new butcher a few years back, when my butcher hung up his cleaver. I was then and am still wowed by the taste and tenderness of all Rieker's goods. The entire Rieker Family is a delight to do business with and rated five stars far above and beyond all the rest!!! I tell everyone I know and meet to "try my new butcher".

Steven Haas
Waterford New Jersey
Saturday, Feb 5
The news that you will begin shipping products to our homes has made my family very happy! We look forward to tasting your delicious products soon! Keep up the good work and thanks for taking care of your customers who are a distance away!

Tara Schumacher
Great Northeast, Philadelphia
Friday, Jan 7
I used to come here when I was a little girl (I am the same age as your son Marcus) with my Oma, I moved back to the area last year and was happy when I finally discovered you driving back from Jeanes. I never knew you were so close by LOL. It always took forever when I was on the bus. Now I know where to go for good quality meat. I am so glad you are still in business.

Mary Anne Serra
Vineland, NJ
Monday, Dec 27
Your fine meats have added to a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your fine quality and dedication in all you do.
God bless,
Mary Anne

Andrea Brophy
West Philly
Thursday, Oct 28
Just had the Oktoberfest meal for 15 of my co-workers. It was delicious and received raving reviews from all. They can be a picky bunch so hats off to Riekers!!

joe lewis
Wednesday, Oct 27
My family and I went to your store the other day and Walter was very helpful. We grilled the German hamburgers when we got home and never had such flavor before! We heartily recommend the store -the staff and the products are second to none. We plan to continually visit this establishment for the wonderful food and service. thank you for a great experience. The Lewis family

Phila. suburbs
Tuesday, Aug 10
Looking forward to internet shopping from Rieker's. You have my vote ! Danke.

Fox Chase
Friday, Jul 2
Rieker's has the best fresh meat that is available in our area. I stock up when heading to the shore since I know nothing from a chain store compares. Although I am not German, I can appreciate good food when I taste it.....you have good food! Thank you.

Dennis Tredinnick
New Jersey
Saturday, May 22
Yesterday on the way back from a local Hospital I saw your store with the Germany National Flag next to your name. I just had to stop and was I glad I did. I ended up with some of your Oktoberfest Bratwurst and four pounds of your great Sauerkraut. My next visit to the hospital will have me stopping for more. I had the Bratwurst with Sauerkraut tonight for supper and loved it. The taste brought me back to Germany where I was stationed in the U.S. Army back in 1967-68. I was stationed in Freising, east of Munich. I loved Germany and it's people. I think they have the best beer in the world also.

Wednesday, Feb 24
Finally! I found you. I bein auch ein Schwabe and when I saw your web site...heaven. I will be there soon.

Joe &Carmen Mahnken
browns mills nj
Tuesday, Dec 29
Best butcher in town,ever so helpful and eager to please, friendly and since he is a Schwabe like me i like him even better.  We recommend him to everybody.

Inge Webster
Bryn Mawr, PA
Sunday, Nov 22
We just had a late but incredibly fun Oktoberfest party (Novemberfest???) last night. The food from Riekers was a hit! I've never seen my friends eat so much in my life! Everything was absolutely delicious from the wursts to the rouladen, red cabbage, spatzle, and sauerkraut, to the apple and cherry strudels for dessert. My favorite thing about Riekers, though, is how much is SMELLS LIKE GERMANY when you walk in the door! It takes me back to my mother's hometown of St. Wendel! Besides that, the steaks are truly amazing! I'm looking forward to having them for dinner tonight! All the best,
Inge Webster

Susan Conboy
Fox Chase
Thursday, Nov 19
Grew up going to Rieker's on Saturdays with my mom, where Walter helped me practice my German... I will continue as a customer forever! Looking forward to the fresh Thanksgiving turkey I ordered today!

Ellen Lienhard
Malvern, PA
Friday, Nov 13
Visited your store a few weeks ago and fell in love; just like the German butchers I grew up with on Long Island. Looking forward to being able to order by mail.

Sunday, Nov 1
Just found out about your place.....I grew up on these German delights in Allentown area and now have a great place to get the best authentic wurst around.

cherry hill nj
Wednesday, Oct 28
love your store well worth the trip across the river

Wednesday, Oct 28
Love your store

Chris Ferro
Southampton Pa
Wednesday, Oct 28
I love your wursts, I really like the plump and full of juice. I go there every week for a fresh order......

Jack Hirschmann
Bucks County
Saturday, Oct 17
My mother shopped at Riekers for many years. I was raised on the meats and special items that she purchased at your store. I look forward to continuing the tradition that she began years ago as I do the same for my children and grandchildren.