Have Questions? Call Us: store 215-745-3114 / web 215-282-7295

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Rieker's Prime Meats?

You can call the store at 215-745-3114, or contact the shipping office at 215-282-7295.


How do you pronounce your name?

In German, our name is properly pronounced "REE-ker," but years ago, our founder Americanized it to "RYE-ker." We'll answer you either way.


How do I have products shipped?

We don’t ship from the store, because we don’t have the space, and unfortunately we can’t take orders for shipping over the phone.   To have something shipped to you, please use the shopping cart on this web site.


What if the item I want is not on the web site?

We plan to expand the number of items available for shipping through the web site over time.   Please let us know which items you would like added, as customer feedback will help determine what is added to the list.  As a general rule though, we don’t ship raw items or products that we can’t keep stocked regularly.


How do I know my transaction will be safe?

Our online shopping cart and security technology ensures the safest and most reliable checkout experience for our customers.